22 August 2013

Bali - Tumpek Landep, Saturday, August 24

Around 150 kris, double-edged daggers, from across Indonesia will be displayed during a special parade to commemorate Tumpek Landep, a Balinese Hindu day dedicated to worship Sang Hyang Pasupati, the god of steel.

The ceremony will fall on Saturday, August 24, and will be commemorated by Balinese families cleaning all metallic instruments, especially family heirlooms such as swords, kris, spears and, nowadays, cars, motorcycles and other metal instruments.

During the annual parade held at Puputan Park in Denpasar, a number of artists and dancers from the Indonesian Arts Institute Denpasar will perform a special dance.
The theme of the event will be Taksu Keris Bali, Pusaka Budaya Nusantara (The Spiritual Power of Balinese Kris, the Nation’s Cultural Heritage). The launching of a new book entitled Jelajah Keris Bali (Exploring Balinese Kris), written by I WayanGriya, will be held also.

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