30 August 2013

Bali - Miss World

Governor Made Mangku Pastika insisted that he would fully support the Miss World pageant in Bali next month, saying that there was no reason to reject it.

The participants and organizers of the Miss World pageant have agreed to abide to the requirements related to the bikini banning, so there is no particular reason to continue opposing this world-class beauty pageant. In one session, participants would be required to wear traditional Indonesian costumes and none of the contestants would wear a bikini.

Controversy over the pageant has been mounting in Indonesia, which has a reputation as a tolerant, pluralist society that respects freedom of expression. However, some hard-line Muslim groups in the country have protested the event.

Meanwhile, as seen from Miss World’s official Facebook and website, world audiences have started to pitch for their favorites. The 23-year-old representative from Nicaragua, Luz Merry Decena, is among the people’s choices, together with Miss Venezuela, Karen Soto, because of their beauty and talent.

With only a few weeks remaining until the Miss World pageant, the provincial administration and people in the tourist industry are gearing up to prepare all the logistics, including tight security. Around 1,000 police personnel will be deployed to secure the pageant. The security for the Miss World event is also a test case for safeguarding other important world-class summits and conferences in Bali.

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