13 August 2013

Bali - Makepung buffel race

Last Sunday it was very busy in our small village, when 215 pairs of buffalo joined the makepung (traditional buffalo race) at Delodbrawah village to compete for the Jembrana Regent Cup.

On the field, the committee divided the groups into two teams, West Ijogading team and East Ijogading.

Thousands of spectators watched the race, including foreign tourists, (and me) and witnessed the East Ijogading team win over the western team. Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha handed over a prize of Rp 17.5 million to the East Ijogading team, while the West Ijogading team received Rp 12.5 million. The winning buffalo pairs in each group also received prizes ranging from Rp 3.5 million to Rp 4.5 million.

Makepung is traditional to Jembrana and originated from farmers staying busy after bringing in the harvest. To celebrate the excitement of a successful harvest, the farmers would tie a pair of buffalo to a small cart and race at high speed. Races between buffalo owners take place on an ongoing basis, while the Jembrana Regent Cup is the largest race and is held once a year.

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