31 August 2013

Bali - British Grandmother one step closer to firing squad.

British grandmother, Lindsay Sandiford moved one step closer to the firing squad after hearing she has lost her final appeal yesterday in Jakarta’s Supreme Court.

At a closed hearing yesterday, three judges voted unanimously to reject her appeal against the death sentence, agreeing with the decision taken by the Denpasar District Court earlier this year. Sandiford now has two chances remaining to avert a death by firing squad; a judicial review of the top court’s decision, or a presidential pardon. It is rare for a drug offender to have their sentences reduced on appeal by Indonesian courts. The majority face a long wait in jail before the sentence is carried out. The exception is Scott Rush, on of the Bali Nine, who had his death sentence reviewed and reduced to life in prison in 2011.

Sandiford was found guilty of importing 4.7 kilos of cocaine into Bali last year. Her argument that she had agreed to transport the drugs to protect her children was rejected by both the Denpasar court and the Supreme Court. Two members of the Bali Nine are also currently in Kerobokan prison on death row, following their arrest in 2005 and Frenchman has also been on death row since May 2007 for drug trafficking. Sandiford is the first foreign woman to be sentenced to death.

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