07 August 2013

Bali - Balian beach

Balian Beach is located in Lalalinggah village in Tabanan Regency.

Bali has many beautiful beaches, so Bali is often visited by tourists from different parts of the archipelago in Indonesia and also foreign tourist. Usually they come with a variety of desires, only seeing and watching the beauty of the beaches, enjoying seafood on the beach, swimming, surfing and other water-sport activities. Specifically for surfing, Bali provides many options, one is Balian Beach. Balian beach has big high waves and has characteristics that make it ideal to be a surfing location. This beach has classic waves that are suitable for various levels of surfers. Balian beach is also known as Rockly reef waves which moves from right to left.

Balian beach is not much visited by tourists even though the landscape on the beach looks very charming and amazing. For those who intend to surf at this beach are advised to arrive before 11.00 am because the strong onshore wind will blow so it is perfect for surfing activities. The strength and length of the waves can be considered as normal, but have a fast and regular frequency.

If you intend to stay, rooms can be easily found along the way to the beach. Here are also warungs that selling a variety of food and beverages, including the coastal specialties and seafood. And on the evening, a lot of tourists often hold a party to enjoy the night at the Balian Beach in Bali.

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