02 March 2013

Bali - the shoe maker

Walking around while carrying two boxes with repairing equipment on his shoulder?. He serves those who want to prolong the lives of their shoes and sandals.

The main “weapon” is a needle, a thick nylon thread and a grater used to make a thin mark surrounding the sole before it is sewn with the nylon thread. Marking the sole makes it easier to insert the thread into the sole. If the needle cannot pierce the bottom part of the sole, the sole needs to be sewn from the side to allow the surface of the shoe to adhere with the sole. You can prolong the lifetime of your shoes and sandals just by fixing the sole or the surface.

Shoe repairers can establish their “offices” anywhere along the street. However, there are hard days when they have no customers at all, even after walking around all day. Shoe repairers, walking around the city with equipment on their shoulders, are rarely found as many of them choose to rent a space and wait for customers. charges are only Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 to fix shoes and sandals, depending on the difficulty of the task. 

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