19 February 2013

Balinese massage Plus Plus

The full service massage has a long history not only in Asia but also in western society.

In the past it was used as a form of treatment by physicians and psychiatrists on both sexes. For male patients its purpose was to help release tension. For female patients it was utilized to induce birth, amongst other things. It is interesting to note that the use of this therapy led to the invention of the vibrator.

Although this kind of massage may now be deemed a solicited and unsavory endeavor in western culture, Asian society would seem to be far more understanding of its positive health and societal advantages. For many this type manipulation is considered a relaxation technique rather than a sexual encounter.

Bali is famous for its Happy Ending massage parlours. They are spread around Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur. They can also be found in the smaller suburbs and more out of the way places around Denpasar. Any establishment advertising massages may provide this service, but some will not. Any Taxi driver on Legian
street will know where these are. For a small fee they will wait for their fare while they receive their massage. It is rumored that some of the female masseurs working in upmarket spas also accommodate women.

The full service massage is also available to gay men in Bali. These men should look for the massage parlours predominately staffed by males or that have names hinting at the service they provide. One that springs to mind would be Banana Massage. The back roads around the Seminyak and Sanur area is where most of these establishments can be found.

A subtle way of asking for a happy ending massage is to ask for a massage plus plus (ploes ploes). Most masseuses working in Bali will understand this reference. For the less shy, another technique is to totally disrobe before the massage. This generally sends the required message.


  1. Guys, Never Goto Spa called Star Bugar Jaya. This is the worst place I ever visited, non Hygienic, arrogant receptionist. Charges 340K and say not responsible for the service & price inside. Girl wanted 2-Million for ger 28yrs old ugly shape. they just want to rip off the new visitors. No worth to visit. Just waste of money and time

  2. went there last month and found it to be very clean, fresh towels and linen. 5 girls were in the aquarium and my masseuse was 27 yo and quite pretty and friendly. The reception lady will give a discount if you object to the price. The girl charges 1M for BJ and 400K for HJ. Can also touch them on the breasts.