17 February 2013

Bali - fresh grilled fish in Lovina

Bali is not only the hotspot for arts, culture and panoramic views, but also the rich culinary delight of the coastline community: grilled fish.

Lesehan Tanjung Alam in Lovina, northern Bali, is worth a visit because of its great taste and affordable prices. Most domestic and foreign tourists who come to Bali have always ensured they made time to dine at the high-end priced grilled fish restaurants along Jimbaran and Kedonganan coastlines in the southern part of Bali, where they can dine with the backdrop of the Balinese sunset.

You can also get such a luxurious dining atmosphere at much more affordable prices at Lesehan Ikan Bakar Tanjung Alam located at the edge of Lovina Beach, about 15 kilometers from Singaraja city. Usually, this spot serves as the resting spot for those making the journey from the east to the west of Buleleng regency. A number of gazebos for laid-back dining, lesehan-style, are made available along the beach.

Besides the champion dish of grilled fish, it also serves grilled calamari, grilled prawns, chicken, fried rice and fried noodles. Local and foreign visitors come and go from lunchtime to dinnertime. Diners can pick their own favorite fish. The restaurant always prioritized selecting the freshest fish to purchase from the fishermen in Lovina and along nearby beaches.

The price for a plate of grilled fish is Rp 30,000; the same goes for each of the other plates of grilled calamari and grilled prawns. They are all served with a complete set of Balinese sambal. White rice is Rp 4,000 per plate, while a bowl of fish soup is Rp 10,000.
What could be better while completing the whole feast than sipping coconut water right from a whole young coconut for only Rp 12,000? Other beverages, like iced lemon, iced orange, soft drinks, beer, and even wine, are also available.

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