27 January 2013

Bali - Shells

While strolling down the beach, some of us may find ourselves picking up shells from the sand to bring home as free souvenirs. In Bali, shells are also a worthy material for crafted souvenirs.

At one corner of Kumbasari market in Denpasar, the Wikowi Nged handicraft outlet sells various souvenirs made with shells, from bags, table and wall decorations, to housewares like glasses, bowls and plates. There are plenty of types of shells, like mother-of-pearl shells, oyster shells, mussel shells and kapis shells. Each of the different kinds has its own unique form, colors and patterns. Mother-of-pearl shells, which are typically a shiny, multi-hued ivory white, are the most expensive. Shell handicrafts are usually combined with teak wood, pottery or ceramics, or iron.

Hundreds of types of handicrafts featured at Wikowi Nged are produced by various craftsmen and women from Bali and other regions. The handicrafts vary greatly in price, from under Rp 10,000 to millions of rupiah, depending on the size, style and materials. The outlet serves long-time customers who have souvenir shops in tourist destinations around Bali, as well as foreigners from the Netherlands, France and Japan.
For those who are interested in shells, on Sunset Road you find the new Bali Shell Museum.

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