17 December 2012

Bali - warung Warung

A restaurant located in Mall Bali Galeria has managed to attract customers by serving a variety of homemade Indonesian dishes.

Entering Warung-Warung restaurant, customers will notice an old bicycle displayed in front of the outlet alongside a chicken statue and some paddy stems inside a cage to give a homey atmosphere.
“That’s my father’s old bicycle I took from Bogor,” said the restaurant’s owner.
Just like at home, this restaurant changes the menu every day, except for some of the customers’ favorite foods, like the spicy squid cooked with the ink included, as well as eggplant cooked with coconut milk, grilled chicken and a variety of sambal (chili sauce). Seven years since its opening, Warung-Warung remains one of the most visited outlets in this large shopping center, competing with other outlets serving foreign dishes like burgers, fried chicken and pizza.

Every customer can order food in meal packages ranging from Rp 16,000 to Rp 33,000, depending on how many items of food they order to make up a big portion of nasi campur (mixed rice). There are two choices of rice: white or yellow. The curd soup is special, served with carrots, cabbage and tofu balls. The big slice of rendang beef tastes sweet and savory, but not spicy.
To refresh your palate, a variety of homemade beverage like teas, es cendol, es daluman and es selasih, are available to make the perfect accompaniment to these foods.

To add more of the Indonesian characteristic, Warung-Warung also serves complimentary kerupuk (crackers). In the evening, the restaurant also serves nasi jingo, traditional Balinese mixed rice wrapped in banana leaves. The portion of nasi jingo in the restaurant is bigger than that served at street side food stalls. It consists of shredded chicken, serundeng (roasted shredded coconut), egg and fried shrimp with Balinese spices.

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