06 December 2012

Bali - Statues under water at Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua has a new attraction for tourists seeking snorkeling or diving activities, with the installment of Balinese statues under the waves, a part of a project to establish an underwater cultural park, expected to be completed next year.

Over the past couple of months, the statues have been gradually installed at a depth of 11 meters some 500 meters off Samuh beach. Earlier this week, 28 more statues were installed in the same area by eight divers using a navigation ship. The statues include Balinese dancers performing kecak (traditional dances), as well as Rama and Sita, characters from the Ramayana epic.

The underwater cultural park would consist of a total of 74 structures forming a compound. Target is that the 74 structures will be in place by next year. The statues are made of substances that allow transplanted corals to grow on them. The statues will function as a submarine reef, a man-made construction submerged to serve as a platform, similar to a biological surface where the transplanted coral is attached.

For years, coral reefs in Nusa Dua have been threatened by massive coastal development, as well as destructive fishing and human activities. Hundreds of coral pieces have been transplanted to the Nusa Dua area since 2009, some a result of a breeding program at Serangan Island and other pieces of coral that broke off naturally and were taken from surrounding submarine areas.
After a series of coral transplantation programs, there has been good progress in restoring the coral, as indicated by many new growths on the artificial reef structures placed underwater two years ago. The establishment of the underwater cultural park is expected to restore the area and it is hoped it can become an icon of a pro-environment, underwater tourism that serves to promote the image of Nusa Dua.

The two-hectare park is built as part of a designated 1,600-hectare marine conservation area in Nusa Dua. Featuring Balinese dancers and characters from Balinese mythology, the park is a realization of local concepts called Nyegara-Gunung (from ridges to reef), Tri Hita Karana (Balinese way of environmental sustainability) and Sad Kertih (six actions to achieve happiness and prosperity),
combined with marine conservation. The statues will also serve as a new attraction for tourists that snorkel or dive in Nusa Dua waters.

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  1. thanks for this post, dove the area and the statues are massive, the efforts made here deserve more publicity