23 October 2012

Bali - Taxi's against angry citizens

Angry citizens from the Kuta area of Bali have begun taking matters into their own hands in dealing with errant taxi's illegally parked and waiting for their next fare in their area.

The area around Jalan Legian in Kuta saw tens of livery lamps attached to the roofs of taxis forcibly removed by local citizens who also delivered angry rebukes to illegally parked taxis.

The angry public response by Kuta community members that took place last week arose from the frustration occasioned by the Bali Transportation Office’s continuing inability to bring taxis breaking the law into line.
Taxis parked illegally in Kuta, especially on Jalan Legian, are a major factor in traffic congestion. Steps have been taken to reduce the number of taxis operating in Kuta and place strict limitations on where taxis can park and wait for fares.
Despite these measures, taxis continue to violate the new rules with little or no enforcement from the Bali Transportation office.
Taxis continue to park where they like, with one driver discovered to be asleep in a “no waiting” area while waiting for his next passengers.

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