22 October 2012

Bali - Rujak

In the afternoon, while we’re relaxing on the Bale Benong, we hear the Kaki Lima passing by, shouting out their wares, from meatballs, tipat tahu to chicken noodles.

Among the various favorite afternoon snacks for Balinese people is rujak, or fresh fruit salad — Bali style.

Besides the notorious rujak buah kuah pindang, or fruit salad with salted-fish dressing, another variety of the dish is rujak gula, which is dressed with a sauce made of brown sugar mixed with chili.
A plate of rujak consists of slices of various fruits: papaya, mango, pineapple and bengkoang also known as jicama. All the fruit is sliced onto a plate and generously bathed in the superhot and sweet brown-sugar dressing. The rujak is priced for Rp 5,000 a plate.

Besides the brown sugar dressing you can also ask for a different kind of rujak dressing made with terasi (dried shrimp paste). A plate of sliced fresh fruit is also available for purchase if you're not in the mood for rujak.

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